STAMBOLOVO WINERY supplies wines and grape brandies directly, and on maximally preferential commercial conditions, to hundreds of HORECA businesses in Bulgaria. Our company makes constant efforts to offer all HORECA owners and managers promotional campaigns, incentives to stimulate the personnel and increase the sales, free of charge advertising materials, window and interior branding and consumables for on-trade of beverages.

STAMBOLOVO WINERY maintains stocks of wine coolers for 12 or 24 bottles, co-branded together with our partners from LOVICO SUHINDOL Winery. We supply these appliances free of charge to our loyal partners, who sell and promote our wines at their sales points or HORECA establishments.

A grand-scale promotional campaign of STAMBOLOVO WINERY and LOVICO SUHINDOL is planned for launch at the end of summer 2010. The main objective will be to introduce and establish a new concept for draught wine sales in Bulgarian HORECA businesses under the name of Wine-by-Glass. Our company has purchased the rights over the concept and the patent rights over the refrigerator wine-dispensing system for the territory of Bulgaria. Our plan is to have 200 units of wine-dispensing coolers distributed free of charge to professional hospitality business establishments throughout Bulgaria by the end of 2010.

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