Following the international tendences for ecological, easy-to-use and economical packs, we offer some selected series and types of wine in Bag-in-Box packs with various capacities. We strongly believe that the quality of Bag-in-Box wines should in no respect be inferior to that of corresponding-label bottled ones and we make no compromise whatsoever in regard with these products.



3 liters
5 liters
  Sophia Chardonnay     X
  Sophia Muscat     X
  Sophia Cabernet Sauvignon     X
  Sophia Merlot     X
  Stambolovo White    X  
  Stambolovo Chardonnay X  X  
  Stambolovo Sauvignon Blanc  X    
  Stambolovo Muscat  X  X  
  Stambolovo Cabernet Sauvignon 2004    X  
  Stambolovo Cabernet  Sauvignon & Merlot    X  
  Stambolovo Cabernet  Sauvignon & Mavrud X X  
  Stambolovo AOC Merlot 2004    X  
  Stambolovo Merlot 2010 X  X X
  Stambolovo Merlot & Cabernet   X  
  Stambolovo Merlot & Mavrud  X  X  
  Stambolovo Mavrud  X