Memory Merlot -----AOC Stambolovo

Memory Merlot AOC Stambolovo

A top-class Collectors’ type of wine with outstanding individual tasting qualities. Finest Merlot grapes from a controlled micro-region in Southern Bulgaria were hand-picked into wooden crates and the top-quality only vinted after meticulous selection, and then aged in American oak barrels. The colour is intensive ruby-red colour with hues of brick. A very rich bouquet, blending together aromas of fruit, vanilla, oak, leather and leaves. Balanced and soft on the palate, with a lingering finish. To be consumed with game and strong-tasting French-type cheeses.


    vintage 1990
    750 ml
    alc. 12 % vol.


* Each bottle with copper label
   and individually numbered.
* Each bottle packed
   in individual gift-box.