STAMBOLOVO WINERY is specialized in the production of high-quality wines and wine brandies with a genuine Bulgarian character, bearing the characteristics of the unique climate of the Thracian Valley and the noble terroir qualities, typical for the regions of Stambolovo, Sakar and Haskovo.


Being a company of almost 80 years of winemaking tradition, we take pride in the thousands of wines that were created in the course of all these years by generations of cellar masters. For our wines we use some typical and emblematic Bulgarian grape varieties such as Mavrud, Tamianka and Dimiat, most of the traditional grapes of the Old World, as well as the newcomer to Bulgaria from the New World - the Syrah breed. Since decades we maintain and develop the centuries-old traditions of our region for production of high-quality wines, striving at the same time to renew and enrich the classical winemaking techniques with the achievements of modern technology.


It is a doubtless fact that in Bulgaria and abroad the brandname MERLOT FROM STAMBOLOVO is equivalent to Bulgarian Merlot wines of the highest possible quality and class.